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Karlovačko Polo Weekend Vol.2

Hall of IHK Karloavc Ul. Antuna Gustava Matoša 22, Karlovac, Croatia (Local Name: Hrvatska)

I´d like do a small 3v3 team "tournament" like last year in the Hall in Karlovac. Similar to the Pumpquing single player shuffle tournament in Graz. That means: I just organize the court and playing format! Not more! Food? Get it yourself Sleeping? Organize it yourself (In the hall it´s too cold, so Airbnb or… Continue reading Karlovačko Polo Weekend Vol.2

Valencia Open

Parque de Ayora C/ dels Sants Just i Pastor, 98, 46021 València, Valencia, Spain

With the arrival of new year our fantastic VALENCIA OPEN 2024 is here! *This edition is very special because coincide with the 10th Anniversary of our community* Come and enjoy of bike polo in our city, the sun and good atmosphere Its guaranteed! Save the date! February 24th-25th, 2024 Parque de Ayora. Valencia, Spain 3v3… Continue reading Valencia Open

Macedonia Open

Madrid (TBD) Madrid, Spain

(EN) After over 5 years of not having our classic Ham-Open Tourney, -or any kind of tournament what so ever-, we are back along with Nonconformistbikepolospain to propose Macedonia Open 2024. Macedonia, name given to fruit salad in Spain, is giving its second shot at being Spain’s FLINTA mix tournament started in Valencia October 2023.… Continue reading Macedonia Open

Bench de la Galette #9

Gymnase de la Rotonde 54 Rue Jules Guesde, Tours, France

The Bench de la Galette tournament is back for its 9th edition! Double indoor court out from the wind. For the public: free entry all weekend! The following information will evolve over the next few weeks : Place Gymnase de la ROTONDE 54 rue Jules Guesde 37000 - TOURS - FRANCE Format & Teams Teams… Continue reading Bench de la Galette #9

Ligue Alpine (Lausanne)

La Pontaise Rte des Plaines-du-Loup 7, Lausanne, Switzerland

Revenez à Lausanne pour une nouvelle édition de la Ligue Alpine. Vu le magnifique succès de notre petit tournois de novembre passé, on va refaire ça déjà ce printemps. Ouvert à touxtes joueureuxes du cercle alpin, et au-delà. Un tournois idéal pour des gens peu expérimenté, un bon début de saison, détendu, que du fun… Continue reading Ligue Alpine (Lausanne)

Ligue Alpine (Annecy)

Aire-la-Ville Chem. du Vieux-Bac, Geneva, Aire-la-Ville, Switzerland

Annecy Bike Polo organise cette manche de la ligue alpine sur le terrain de Lyon. Tournoi au chapeau (ABC), réservé aux joueur.se.s des villes d’ Annecy, Lyon et Suisse proche. (11 places pour Annecy, 10 places pour Lyon, 9 places pour la Suisse) 3 vs 3, 30 joueurs max. 10 equipes Lien d’inscription et plus… Continue reading Ligue Alpine (Annecy)

The Holy Grip Open Vol 2

Sportanlage Hardhof Hardhof 19, Zürich, Switzerland

Happy to announce the 2nd edition of the Holy Grip Open! Date: 6th and 7th of April 2024 Location: Zurich Format: ABC, 3v3 More details and sign up information will follow at PoloVerse.com

Ligue du crachin #27

Salle Tessel 6 Rue des Pommiers, Luc-sur-Mer, France

Hello Caen a le plaisir d’organiser la ligue du crachin n°27. Samedi 13 avril 2024 et dimanche 14 avril 2024. Nombre d’équipes: 12 (36 joueur.se.s) Attribution des slots: Caen (4 slots) Brest (1 slot) Bruxelles (1 slot) Lille (1 slot) Londres (1 slot) Nantes (1 slot) Paris (1 slot) Rouen (1 slot) Tours (1 slot)… Continue reading Ligue du crachin #27

Montpellier Mixed

Parc Montcalm 11 Rue des Chasseurs, Montpellier, France

Montpellier Bike Polo is proud to present: The Montpellier Mixed! 2 days, 3v3 tournament, 2 courts, 24 teams! Around 10 team slots reserved for Montpellier players and the rest on random draw! Registration opens soon! Draw will be done in February if needed! Expect the usual deal Breakfast & Hosting taken care of, craft beer… Continue reading Montpellier Mixed

Valhalla Open

Volksgarten Mühlgasse 25, Graz, Austria

We are happy to announce that there will be a tournament in Graz this year! 3v3 Tournament 27th - 28th April 16 teams Registration This year things will be different. We are going to do a lottery! Send a Postcard with your teamname and players + city (max. 1 TBA) and an email adress for… Continue reading Valhalla Open

PolyGones II

CAF Croix Rousse 106 Rue Philippe de Lassalle, Lyon, France

Hi everyone ! We are thrilled to announce the second edition of PolyGones, the FLINTA* tournament hosted by Lyon Bike Polo on april 27th & 28th 2024 ! *Female, Lesbian, Intersex, Non-binary, Transgender, Agender REGISTRATION OPEN 12th OF FEBRUARY AT 9PM, CLOSE ON MARCH 31st AT MIDNIGHT. First come first served. 12 teams for sure,… Continue reading PolyGones II

Watership Down Vol.3

Auf der Mainspitze Auf d. Mainspitze 21, Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, Germany

Dates: Friday, May 3rd 2024 START 15:00h!! until Sunday, May 5th Location: Auf der Mainspitze / Ginsheim-Gustavsburg Format: 3v3 (upon popular request, we might consider 4v4) Description: open to all Sign-Up: TBA Link: Ramba Zamba auf der Mainspitze - Watership Down Vol. 3 We are happy to announce that the 3rd edition of our tournament… Continue reading Watership Down Vol.3

Praha Polobraník

Prague Bike Polo Perlitová 1834/29, 140 00 Praha 4-Krč, Prague, Czech Republic

Ahoj! Like you we think there are not enough tournaments announced for 2024 so come to Prague in May, we are putting together a little something fun for you all to enjoy ! Sorry this is not a proposal for Euros or whbpc24, as we only have one small court and a lot of seriously… Continue reading Praha Polobraník

Mazza D’Oro 19

Impianto sportivo Tre Fontane Via delle Tre Fontane, 1, Roma, Italy

Italians-only Championship Venite e fate venire Impianto sportivo Tre Fontane (2 campi). Via Tre Fontane 2, Roma 4 Format: Quads Numero squadre: piu siamo e mejo è! Roma Bike Polo more info coming soon contact: romabikepolo@protonmail.com

Polo Distortion_01

Enghaveparken Enghaveparken, Copenhagen, Denmark

Hey there beautiful polo people! Copenhagen is back with a new tournament, this time less spooky but more insane! We are planning to organise a tournament during the infamous Copenhagen Distortion. We know that polo people are party people so why not have both? We are still working on the details, so stay tuned! We’ll… Continue reading Polo Distortion_01

Dresden Debacle Vol. 1

Skatepark Lingnerallee Lingnerallee, Dresden, Germany

Dresden Debacle Vol. 1! Save the Date June 1st -2nd We are very excited to announce that the current Dresden crew will host its first tournament. This is more of a save the date. We are still working out some details. The Tournament settings will be: ABC Style Tournament, probably 16 teams, Registration with lottery,… Continue reading Dresden Debacle Vol. 1

Swiss Championship

La Pontaise Rte des Plaines-du-Loup 7, Lausanne, Switzerland

Dear (swiss) polo community! Le Polocyclophile de Bex and Polo Lausanne Sport are very happy to invite you to this years swiss champs. The event will take place on the first weekend of June (1-2) at the amazing court at La Pontaise in Lausanne. There will definitely be food, places to stay for the night… Continue reading Swiss Championship

24-Hour Polo People

TBD - Manchester Manchester, United Kingdom

Save the date - Manchester tourney in June! 🌚 More details & entries coming in March

Iruña Bike Polo Open 2024

Parque de Aranzadi C. Vuelta de Aranzadi, s/n, Pamplona, Navarra, Spain

Hello everyone! Iruña Bike Polo is excited to announce the 3rd edition of the Iruña/Pamplona’s Open! It will take place on June 8th-9th, in a 3v3 format. Pre-registration will finish on March 5th and a draft and lottery will take place afterwards. We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in our tournament. To support… Continue reading Iruña Bike Polo Open 2024

Petit Royal 4

Brussels bike polo trainingcourt Brussels, Belgium

Salut ! Bruxelles organise la 4eme édition de son petit royal. Comme les éditions précédentes, nous voulons que ce tournoi soit accessible à tous les niveaux Format 12 équipes, 36 joueur.euses. Comme les éditions précédentes, tournoi ABC, inscription individuelle donc Inscription Distribution des places: cette fois nous voulons que ce soit une ligue du crachin.… Continue reading Petit Royal 4

Luta Cup Vol.1

Gdańsk Bike Polo Gdańsk, Poland

Name : Luta Cup vol.1 City : Gdańsk Country : Poland Date : 15 & 16 June 2024 Format : ABC, more info soon

Ignalina Polo Camp

Lietuvos žiemos sporto centras Sporto g. 3, Ignalina, Ignalina District Municipality, Lithuania

Save the date! We’re excited to announce that Bike Polo Vilnius is going to host a second Ignalina Polo Camp. Haven’t decided format yet, but probably single player shuffle. Awesome location with everything nearby. Beautiful lake 20meters away from the court to dip yourself in between games, grocery stores, food and sightseeing. There will be… Continue reading Ignalina Polo Camp

Hell’s Belles

Bern Fabrikgarten Marzilistrasse, Bern, Switzerland

Name: Hell’s Belles Dates: Friday 5th of July 2024 until Saturday 6th Location: Bern Fabrikgarten Format: 3v3 Description: WTNB only Sign-Up: TBA

Margarita Mixed Vol. 2

Marzili Bike Polo Court Marzilistrasse 47, Bern, Switzerland

Name: Margarita Mixed - Vol. 2 Dates: Monday 8th of July 2024 until Tuesday 9th Location: Bern Fabrikgarten (Marzili Beach) Format: 3vs3 Description: 16 mixed teams, TBA Sign-Up: TBA


Tempelhofer Feld Tempelhofer Damm, Berlin, Germany

Berlin is already working on the 10th birthday edition from the berlin:mixed. So far we can announce the official date for the berlin:mixed in 2024: Friday the 12th of July to Sunday the 14th of July More information will come soon.

Peppermint Polo Cup vol. 10

Rollhockey-Stadion Böhlitz-Ehrenberg Ludwig-Jahn-Straße 24, Leipzig, Germany

Save the date. Format: probably ABC-Team-Shuffle again. playing days (as usual) FRIDAY and SATURDAY. Thursday for arrival, Sunday for departure.

Le Brochet d’Or #8

Collège les Barattes 5 Avenue Mont Fleury, Annecy le Vieux, France

Name : Le Brochet d’Or #8 City : Annecy Country : France Date : 20 & 21 July 2024 Format : 3vs3, 24 teams at least, more infos to be announced Subscription link is coming, save the date now !

Kiosque Royaal

Bickbargen Bickbargen 80, Halstenbek, Germany

Bickbargen 80, Halstenbek Hamburg 3v3, 16 Teams, Round Robin, Single Elim (whatever) more infos coming soon at PoloVerse.net