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Mallet Dolorosa 2023

May 27 - May 28

mallet dolorosa group shot

Mallet Dolorosa 27.+ 28. May 2023
Single Shuffle ABC format
More infos soon.
Registration will be in January.

Happy New Year everyone!

MD2023 will be a ranked ABC single player tournament for WTNB players only (WTNB=women*, trans, gender nonbinary). Teams will change in each round, up to the final.

The registration is now open!

We will ask you for a self evaluation for the ranking. This is an objective ranking, not a universal ranking. Please read the additional info to (almost) every question for a better understanding to what the numbers mean.
We understand that it’s sometimes it’s hard to evaluate yourself. That’s why we’ll give you the questions in advance so you can check with your club mates if needed (see below).
Once we have all the evaluations we will make them transparent, so we can all make changes together if needed. In doing so, we try to erase the flaws in the primary ranking that we had last year. We hope it’ll work out.

You can find the registration here: https://forms.gle/epkSGtCKi8Koqpqy6
It’s open until February 1st. There will be a lottery if more than 42 players register (of those 42, all registered Berlin players have secured spots).

3,2,1 – registration!

(Here are the questions you will be asked:

  • Confidence in competitive games: On a scale from 1-10, how confident do you feel in competitive games? With 1= “very nervous, even at pick-ups” and 10= “the European Championship of Bike Polo is more relaxing than Netflix”
  • Passing: On a scale from 1-10, how would you describe your passing skills? (For example: if you pass 10 times at your teammate and the ball gets there 5 times, you‘re a 5)
  • Goal shooting: On a scale from 1-10, how would you rank your goal shooting skills? (For example: if you shoot 10 times at the goal and 5 balls go in, you‘re a 5)
  • Goal keeping: On a scale from 1-10, how good is your goal keeping? (For example: if you’re in goal and get shot at 10 times and you keep 5 balls from getting in the goal, you‘re a 5)
  • Defense: How would you describe your defensive skills? with 1= “getting better every day” and 10=“I know where to go/be and I can easily defuse/defend most attacks”
  • Bike handling: includes being in control of the bike at all times, not to dab during the game and being able to change direction quickly. With 1 = “I sometimes lose control over my bike, I often dab in a game and I can’t turn quickly” and 10= “I hardly ever dab during the game or fall, can turn quickly”
  • Rules: How well do you know the rules? With 1=“There are rules?” and 10=“I read them before bed every night”


Berlin Bike Polo
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