Titipo Shuffle

2v2 Mixed gender mandatory You’ll be shuffled into a mixed gender team January 14-15 JP Court (19 Spalding St, Jamaica Plain) $10 suggested registration Funds will pay for Boston teams… Continue reading Titipo Shuffle

Poloween 24

POLOWEEN24!!!! Mark 28-29 October in your calendars and plan your duo costumes: it’s two days and a 2v2 format this year🕷️🕸️ As always, beginner and advanced polo players are equally… Continue reading Poloween 24

Montréal 2v2

Montréal’s 2v2 tournament is happening! Aug 13-14 2022 Two courts – Up to 30 teams (60 players). 2v2 polo Here in beautiful sunny Montréal we have a charming park with… Continue reading Montréal 2v2