Ladies Army 10: Call for Bids

Submit a bid to host this year’s Ladies Army 10!  We are excited to see the potential bids for LA10 this 2018 season! All the details needed to submit a bid are on this page.
* Download the bid info spreadsheet
* Work with your club to brainstorm and plan
* Talk to past hosts for resources & advice
* Create a sweet bid and SUBMIT it here!

Deadline for bid submissions: Feb 23rd 2018

To submit a bid, fill out the bid spreadsheet:
* Click bid link, fill in bid information
* Email supporting docs, images, graphics, etc.

Email your questions and supporting materials to:
Jennifer Kutzleb

What’s in a name?

“Ladies Army” to get new name.

Heads up! We are in the process of gathering suggestions and voting on a name change for Ladies Army to make it more inclusive! For now until we get suggestions and are able to vote, we’re calling it Ladies Army 10.

Hosting Information

What do we expect from hosts? Traditionally, LA hosts are responsible for and provide some of the following, but remember, it’s your event, get creative!
* 2 courts minimum, 3 preferable
* Bathrooms, drinking water, food/snacks
* Accommodations options
Fun stuff to do in your city

To see what else you need to host, download the info sheet!

photo by Sam Bennett

Why do people attend Ladies Army?

“Ladies Army showed me an entirely new side of bike polo. I learned about trust, dedication and most importantly the impressive skills of the WTF players.”

“The best dang times of my polo life. So much support and encouragement as well as really awesome opportunities to learn new skills and improve.”

“Por que es una gran oportunidad de compartir con otras WTF jugadoras y de aprender de quienes me han inspirado.”

“I have only heard amazing things from fellow Aussie’s that have gone to Ladies. I wanted so much to go to Mexico but could not make it happen. Playing polo and meeting some the best WTF players would be amazing.”

“LA is the most fun tournament of the year, hands-down. While it’s competitive, it is also cooperative in that all the players support each other in other ways. I usually find my skill improves as a result of the tournament, but I always come away happy.”

“Ladies Army is a beautiful tradition. Here I have the honor to be among some of the most amazing people to celebrate progress and equality, and who share a true passion for the sport.”

“I live in Guadalajara, since I saw Ladies Army 8 I decided to start playing bike polo, this would be my first tournament!”

“Coming from a club with a small WTF presence, it was inspiring to watch a variety of players and learn from them. Additionally, it was fun to meet with players from around the world and hear about their interests and lives outside of polo!”

What is Ladies Army?


Ladies Army is a women/trans*/femme (WTF) tournament held every spring in North America to show support and celebrate the skill of WTF players in the bike polo community. WTF players, while a minority in the sport, are a growing demographic, and this is in part because of events like Ladies Army. WTF players travel from around the world to play with some of the most skilled players in the world, to be inspired, challenged and encouraged, to enjoy comradery and community, and to see other people, like them, do extraordinary things.

Highlight video from Ladies Army 8. In 2016, Guadalajara hosted Ladies Army 8. Players and supporters who were lucky enough to attend this amazing event most likely left a little piece of their heart back in Mexico. We can’t thank Guadalajara Bike Polo enough for all their hard work to make last year’s event a success.

Past Hosts of Ladies Army

* Vancouver, 2009
* Brooklyn, 2010
* Austin, 2011
* Lexington, 2012
* Vancouver, 2013
* Toronto, 2014
* San Fransisco, 2015
* Guadalajara, 2016
* Grand Rapids, 2017

Have questions or need help?

General Questions

Jennifer Kutzleb
NAH Outreach Coordinator