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GNG starrs I island bikepolo cup

July 25 - July 27

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•GNG starrs I• island polo cup•

Thursday 25.July-Saturday 27.July

•Location and transport
City Bol is a lovely town full of people in the summer, that’s how Croatia rolls. On the north, Bol is protected by the highest island mountain in Croatia, Vidova Gora 780m, and on the south amazing beaches are lined like links on a chain🏝 It will be hot and sunny, nights are perfect. Bol is one of rare island cities with an airport which makes this tournament mega reachable 🏝If you have time, the whole island is worth seeing. Check out your connections to Split, a big Dalmatian city dating from the Roman Empire which is connected to Bol with a lot of ferries and boats. If you are anti-aéroplanes or buses, there is an interesting and cheap “ÖBB” night train called in our country « Balkan Express » from Zürich to Zagreb, and there is also an experience with a Zagreb Split night train.

OSB boards and euro-pallets 38×18. 40 meters from the beach🏖 . Nice sport asphalt.

All players would have a spot in the camp 10 minutes by bike.You can also check out normal hosting, but tourist season means it won’t be cheap.

Will be organized. But trying some local fish restaurants is a must. Tournament format will give you time for that.

(still working on it )
24 teams / 3 days / 1 court / 3vs3
Thursday 25.7.
4 groups of 6 teams will have >>4 <<rounds. Only on Thursday we have night lights, so pickups until 23:00 !!
Friday 26.7.
Ranking from day #1 gives : TOP4, MID16 and BOTTOM4. BOTTOM4 play 3 games between each other. MID16 will be split into 2 groups of 8 and will play 4 rounds. TOP4 play 3 games between each other.
Saturday 27.7.
Ranking from day #2 gives us 2 single elimination brackets: bottom 8, and then top 16. Bottom8 final will be held before the top 16 final 🤸🏾‍♂️

Opened, still!

Email : gngstarrs21@gmail.com
Subject : your team name (if you have no idea, just pick any of your hip hop childhood idols❤️
Body : player 1-captain (name surname city, birthday) player 2(name surname city, birthday) player 3 (name surname city, birthday).
Attachment: collage, or a picture of your team together (very preferred)!

Lets go! ☀️

Dragging 200 square meters of OSB boards and 125 euro pallets in the middle of the season to the island means the registration will be cca 35€ per person. There will be a bank account.

#1 Southern Clan ☀️- Iva (Europe) / Benjamin (London) / Mateen (Wien)
#2 TBA – Alex (Bucharest) / Phillip (Vienna) / TBA
#3 Bobby Ewing – Martin / Eliška / Anežka (Praha)
#4 Drei Sterne Deluxe⭐️-Hagen(Cologne) / Tim(Nuremberg) / Sebastian(Berlin)
#5 No kangaroos in Austria 🦘🇦🇹- Johanna (Vienna) / Claire (Munich) / Michael (Canberra)
#6 Im on fire 🔥 – Bulle (Brussels) / Phil (Birmingham) / TBA
#7 Formazione dell’occhiatura 🧀- Ladina (Zurich) / Ale (Padova) / Mateo (Padova)
#8 Esprit⚽️ – Štef / Marco / Prolo (Graz)
#9 Golem – Jirka (Mlada Boleslav) / Alča / Jonaš (Praha)
#10 Narco Polo – Neagu / Matei / Michael (Bucharest)
#11 Casio Keyboard 🎹 – Andy (München) / Marije (Gent) / Nathalie (Geneve)
#12 Beastie Toys – Shaki (Vienna) / Pablo (Lille) / Adam (London)
#13 3 Polo Mafia – Arto (Helsinki) / Leevi (Tampere) / Daniel (Duisburg)
#14 Loop Troop – Bert / Niels (Halle) / Tony Makarony (Berlin)
#15 Dinamique Bizzare – TBA / Daniele(Milano) / Holger
#16 Florian and the Didiers🌸- Florian (Paris) / Théo (Nantes) / Quentin (Reykjavik)
#17 Alright- Felix (Munchen) / TBA / Flo (Hiltrup)
#18 Stay hydrated – Jonas / Astrid (Vienna)/ Mya (London)
#19 Team Tarte Tatin – Brice / Tichke (Brussels) / Mass (Melbourne)
#20 Gameboys – Alex (Melbourne) / Christoph (Münster) / Florian (Leipzig)
#21 How much is the fish? – Remy / Zita / Alix (Zürich)
#22 Paella – Semilla(Lille)/ GuiGui / Caro (Strasbourg)
#23 TBA – Martin (Paris) / Tomtox(Paris) / Clement (Brussels)
#24 La Ripaille – Toma (Nantes) / Anatol (Nantes) / Baptiste (Nantes)



July 25
July 27


Zagreb Bike Polo


Bol, Croatia
Bol, Croatia (Local Name: Hrvatska) + Google Map