EHBC 2017: Call for Bids

Submit a bid for the 2017 European Hardcourt Bikepolo Championship (EHBC)! Qualifying teams from all over Europe will attend the EHBC in July, 2017.  All the details you need about submitting a bid are on this page.

* Download the bid info spreadsheet
* Work with your club and EHBA to brainstorm and plan
* Talk to past hosts for resources & advice
* Create a sweet bid and SUBMIT it here!

To submit a bid, include the following items:

* Spreadsheet with your bid details
* Supporting docs, images, graphics, etc.

Email your bids and supporting materials to:
Daniel Genna
Event Coordinator

Deadline for bid submissions: Feb 28th 2017

photo by My Little Marilyn

EHBC Hosting Details

Host Responsibilities:

* Infrastructure
* Facilities
* Accommodations

EHBA Responsibilities:

* Tournament format
* Run tournament games
* Ref recruiting and schedule
* Registration

Past EHBC Host

Use past hosts as your resource!
If you have questions or want to pick the
brain of the 2015 EHBC host club, contact:

Zaragoza Bike Polo

ehbc 2017
photo by lucasyarza & Javier Zabalza Fotografía

Have questions or need help?

Daniel Genna
EHBA Event Coordinator