Dames IV: Call for Bids

Submit a bid to host this year’s Dames of The Round Table IV!

Seattle is VERY keen to host Dames in 2019, but they wanted to make sure that other clubs had a chance to voice interests as well, so here is your chance! Submit a bid here if your club is interested in hosting Dames!

All the details needed to submit a bid are on this page.

Deadline for bid submissions: Dec. 21st, 2018.

How to submit a bid:
* Download the bid info spreadsheet
Work with your club to brainstorm and plan
Talk to past hosts for resources & advice
Create a sweet bid by filing in the spreadsheet
Email your bid and supporting materials to:

Jennifer Kutzleb

Hosting Information

What do we expect from hosts? Traditionally, Dames’ hosts are responsible for and provide some of the following, but remember, it’s your event, get creative!
* 2 courts minimum, 3 preferable
* Bathrooms, drinking water, food/snacks
* Accommodations options
Fun stuff to do in your city

To see what else you need to host, download the info sheet!

photo by Sam Bennett

What is Dames of the Round Table?


Dames is a women/trans*/femme and non-binary (WTFNB) tournament held every summer in North America to show support and celebrate the skill of WTFNB players in the bike polo community. Players come to play competitive games, get inspired, challenged and encouraged, to enjoy comradery and community, and to see other people, like them, do extraordinary things. This tournament is played as a squad, 5v5, instead of the more traditional 3v3 format.

Dames III Brandon Catubig
Dames III - Photo by Brandon Catubig

Have questions or need help?

General Questions

Jennifer Kutzleb
NAH Outreach Coordinator